Friday, July 30, 2010


Lockport police used a taser around 5:30 Tuesday
morning to subdue a 19 year old man wanted on a
felony warrant. Darius Adair of 111 Cottage allegedly
tried to close the door after officers showed up to
arrest him. That's when they deployed the taser.
Adair was charged with resisting arrest, bail jumping
three, and criminal impersonation.


Lockport police used a taser around 5:30 Tuesday
morning to subdue a 19 year old man wanted on a
felony warrant. Darius Adair of 111 Cottage allegedly
tried to close the door after officers showed up to
arrest him. That's when they deployed the taser.
Adair was charged with resisting arrest, bail jumping
three, and criminal impersonation.


The Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation
celebrated the official grand opening Friday morning
of it's new $2.4-million Visitor Center. President and
CEO John Percy said it's in a prominent location on the
new roundabout on Daly Boulevard and First Street.
It's the first new building constructed in the downtown
Niagara Falls corridor since 2006. It'll be staffed by
five full time employees and be open year round. The
hours will be from 9 to 7 between May and September
and from 9 till 5 the rest of the year. Visitors will find
displays highlighting the four distinct regions of the
county, the Falls, the river, the lake, and the canal regions
as well as exhbits centered around the themes of arts
and culture, history and heritage, fishing and outdoors,
agri-tourism and the Seaway Trail. Flat screen TV's will
show visuals of the county and newly developed brochure
racks will provide information and maps. Lockport
Mayor Mike Tucker, local State representatives, and others
were on hand for the festivities.


Members of the State Assembly are sounding off
after this week's special session. Jane Corwin
said the governor told them they were supposed
to be working on ten different issues, but there
were no bills on their desk to work on. She said
she had not seen any legislation whatsoever on
any of the issues. She said the rank and file members
were certainly not at fault and it's either the governor
or Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver...who knew
there were no bills on the desk. She wants to know
why they're being called back to do nothing. Steve
Hawley said they met for about 12 seconds Wednesday
night and for about 15 seconds yesterday. He said it
was an absolute disgrace and he was ashamed to be
a part of the proceedings. Both noted that it cost
$100,000 a day for them to be in Albany. Minority
Leader Brian Kolb suggested the governor should
reimburse taxpayers for the waste of money.


The new voting machines will be used throughout
the county this year and the Board of Elections is
planning to display them and give demonstrations
on their use during the month of August. You can
take a look at them from 10 till 2 and from 4 till 7
at various locations. Officials will be at the Newfane
Town Hall Monday, Lockport Town Hall Tuesday,
and Hartland Town Hall Wednesday. Thursday's
demonstrations will be at the Dale Association.
They'll resume the following Monday, Aug 9, at the
Lewiston Senior Center. You can find the complete
list at their website,www.Elections.Niagara.NY.US.


A pool of mosquitoes in Erie County has tested positive
for the West Nile virus and the County Health Department
is reminding all Niagara county residents to take extra
measures to protect themselves. Deputy Director Victoria
Pearson said no mosquitoes have tested positive here but
we should take precautions and try to get rid of areas of
standing water. Most of the cases in the northeast take
place during August and September.


Lockport's Old Home Week wraps up tonight with
closing ceremonies at 5:30 at Day Road Park.
Chairman Jay Krull says it'll start at 5:30 with a
dance studio performance, and magician Tony
Weiland will take to the stage at 6:30. Awards
will be handed out at 7:30 for the decorating
contest and the parade entrants. There'll be
music by Funk The System at 8:30 leading up to
a closing fireworks display at 10:30. He says
parking won't be a problem. Krull says overall.
he's satisfed with how the week turned out. He
said a lot of it was an experiment and the various
open houses were well attended. WLVL has an
open house today from noon till 5, and just up the
street, Candlelight Cabinetry will also offer tours
from 1 till 5.


The County Office of the Aging will hold it's first
ever "seniors day" at this year's county fair. Nutrition
co-ordinator Glenda Reardon says it'll be held on
Friday, Aug 6 from 10 till 2 and will include a health
fair. There'll be a tai chi demonstration and a lot
of information and assistance from their office staff.
A spokesperson will be there from the New York
Connects program and a free bingo will be held with
prizes. A meal will be offered at noon for a suggested
contribution of $3. It'll be a breaded chicken drumstick
meal which is one of the favorites at their nutrition sites.
Reservations must be made by next Tuesday, August 3.
Call 438-4030. The event is for those 60 years of age
and older.


A 23 year old Newfane woman was awakened around
1am today by a loud bang and discovered that someone
had set off a home made explosive device next to her
2004 Pontiac Grand Am. The Hatter Road resident
found a two liter soda bottle in several pieces and a
sheriff's deputy said he could smell the odor of toilet
bowl cleaner and he found a burned piece of aluminum
foil near her car. The explosin caused heavy scrathes
to the vehicle and a large amount of chemicals were
sprayed on it.


The Paladino campaign clarified remarks yesterday
made by the gubernatorial hopeful Wednesday during
a New York City TV interview. He had indicated he
would not actively campaign for governor on his
Taxpayers party line if he lost the Republican primary
to Rick Lazio. Campaign manager Mike Caputo said
Paladino would continue to work for other candidates
who are now circulating petitions to be on the ballot
on the Taxpayers line. Campaign advisor Rus Thompson
said Paladino had made it clear for months he would
not actively run on the line, but Thompson said he was
so sure Carl would win the GOP primary , he was not
going to think about it. Also yesterday, Lazio replaced
his campaign manager as new polls showed Paladino
was making gains. The former executive director of the
State GOP and their current director of strategic planning,
Matt Walter, takes over from Kevin Fullington. The
Lazio campaign is concerned about a poll released
Wednesday and Walter also has the task of getting more
contributions. They only had $668,000 on hand as of
July 15.


A 48 year old Falls man was charged with
cruelty to animals around 1:30am yesterday
after he allegedly beat his dog with a wooden
table leg. Chester Harris of Townsend Place
told police he was tired of cleaning up after his
pit bull terrior mix and heaving him tear things
up. He was turned in by a neighbor who said
Harris had yelled obscenties at her. She said
he then went up to his balcony and started
beating the animal. Officers took the table leg
as evidence and turned the dog over to the SPCA.


An alert neighbor helped Falls police catch a
man just after midnight Thursday as he was
reportedly ripping copper gutters from a
Catholic church on Buffalo Avenue. Twenty-
seven year old Franklin Mease of Pierce
Avenue was charged with criminal mischief and
petit larceny a short distance from St. John dela
Salle Church. He was caught after a brief chase
between nearby apartment complexes.


Four 17 year old's were charged with tresspassing
last night after they allegedly entered the old
Flintkote plant at 300 Mill Street. They are
Chelsie Goodrich of 6035 South Transit, Kelsey
Russell of 4285 Plank Road, Bryan Bowers of
239 Niagara Street, and Russell Moyer of 5491
Niagara Street Extension. Police found them on the
second floor of the rear building. They were given
appearance tickets and released to their parents or

Thursday, July 29, 2010


County DA Michael Violante said Wednesday he would
not be offering any explanation on his decision to o-k
a controversial plea deal given to the daughter of a
North Tonawanda councilwoman after she was charged
with DWI. In a statement, Violante said "I will not make it
a practice to explain or justify my decisions to the press in
regard to plea bargain offers made by this office." County
Legilsature Minority Leader Dennis Virtuoso called the
statement very unfortunate and says Violante owes the
people of Niagara County an explanation in the case
involving 23 year old Sara Donavon. He said he would
ask the State Attorney General's office to look into the case,
that it didn't pass the "smell test." Donavon was charged with
DWI July 11 after she hit two parked cars on Payne Avenue.
She ended up with a speeding ticket and a parking ticket
and a small fine and was ordered to attend a DWI victim
impact panel.


The governor was cleared of any wrongdoing
yesterday over his alleged involvment in a
domestic violence incident involving an aide.
Paterson visited with WOR Radio's John Gambling
this morning and Gambling noted it was those
charges that caused Paterson to drop out of
the governor's race. Paterson said he was very
happy to see that the candidates who are running
now are pretty much doing what he had been doing
all along and it validates that he would have been a
strong contendor in the race. He said it was four
months ago, and you make a decision then and there's
no sense vacillating or thinking about what went on
before. Paterson said his new goal is to leave the state
in the best possible financial picture it can have and
it'll give new meaning to his last year of service. He
said many consider him a lame duck but he said this
duck is quacking and swimming. The four month
probe by Independent Counsel Judith Kaye said
Paterson made errors in judgment but there was no
evidence he broke the law by reaching out to the
victim. Paterson also said he was losing patience with
the Legislature after they met for five minutes Wednesday
night and did nothing. He said he would see what they
did today and the next time he calls a special session next
week it will be for every day until a budget is passed. He
said he was willing to go to court again to force them to
do their jobs.


A Krolick's chicken barbecue will be offered at the
Lockport Presbyterian Home today as the City
continues it's celebration of Old Home Week.
Chairman Jay Krull says it'll begin at 3:30 and
continue till it's sold out. The dinner will be
followed by a concert by the Lockport Community
Band at 6. Many of the day's other events are in
Lowertown. Joe Whalen will do a booksigning
and presentation from 2 till 4 at the Market Street
Art Center. A concert by North Coast will run from
4 till 7 at Widewaters and there'll be a pie eating
contest between local elected officials at intermission
featuring food from Hall's Apple Farm. The buskers
will also be along the Canal from 5 till 7 and the
Step Back In Time players will present a show on
the history of Lockport at 7pm at the Palace. The
show is free and you might be able to get a ticket at
the Library, the Palace, the Discovery Center or Mills
Jewelers. It's also the final day for the carnival
behind City Hall. WLVL will be offering tours again
today of our Michigan Street studios from noon till 5.


A $10,000 Santa Claus house is coming to a Lockport
park. The Common Council last night gave the
executive director of the Palace Theatre informal
permission to install the 16 by 16 foot house next to
an old cannon In Altro Park. Chris Parada told the
Council there's little to do in Lockport around the
holidays and you have to go to the Mall outside the
city if you want your kids to see Santa. The one story
house is already being built by BOCES students and is
nearly finished. Parada said he would play Santa
three days a week during the Christmas season and he
would not charge admission or accept donations. He was
worried any money in the house might invite a burglary
and he didn't want the public to think he was using city
property to make a profit. Parada said a special sleigh
will be installed inside where children can sit with Santa
rather than on a chair. There'll be lots of items on
display including pictures, postcards, and buttons
made in the 1940's & '50's. The structure will be named
in honor of the Albion man who ran a Santa training
school for many years. It'll be called the Charles W Howard
Santa Claus House. In other business, Corporation
Counsel John Ottaviano said FEMA wanted to know why
the City was taking the second lowest bid for a new fire
truck. The agency gave the city a $247,000 grant toward
it's purchase.


Town of Lockport Justice Raymond Schilling said
yesterday he will announce his decision August 24
in the case against auto repair shop owner Dave
Mongielo. He is charged with six counts of
violating the Town's sign ordinance and could be
fined $350 for each one. Town Building Inspector
Brian Belson was a witness yesterday and Town
Prosecutor Brad Marble showed pictures depicting
the alleged violations. Mongeilo's attorney maintained
there was no way of knowing when the photo's were


Carl Paladino said Wednesday he will not continue his
run for governor on a third party line if he loses the
Republican primary to Rick Lazio. He made the statement
during a New York One t-v interview. Paladino said if
they did not win the primary, we're going to be gone at that
point. He said he did not want to be a spoiler to someone
running against Andrew Cuomo, who he described as "the
poster child for everything that the people don't want in
government anymore." A Quinnipac University poll released
yesterday found Lazio leads Paladino 39-23 per cent with
33 per cent undecided. State Democratic committee
chairwoman June O'Neill called it "an early surrender,"
and said Paladino realizes the people of this state would
never elect a racist and a sexist as governor.


Lockport police said they found a scale that allegedly
contained cocaine residue in plain view in a children's
room last night as they executed a search warrant in an
apartment at 152 Caledonia. Thirty year old Christine
Olivate was charged with two counts of unlawfully
dealing with a child and seventh degree possession of a
controlled substance. Police said a knife that also
contained cocaine residue was found next to the scale
and other controlled substances and a large amount of
cash were also recovered. The bust happened around
9pm and police said a large group of people were in the


A 21 year old Lockport man was charged with disorderly
conduct and resisting arrest just before midnight last
night on Pine Street. Police said they told Anthony Cross
of 116 Bacon to move on after he began yelling obscenties
on Main Street...and he did....but he resumed his tirade
on Pine. Officers said it caused a crowd to gather. They
added that Cross was highly intoxicated.


The Sheriff's department is investigating an attempted
burglary, and another that was successful at two homes
on Chestnut Ridge Road in the Town of Lockport. A man
in the 7100 block said a Stihl chainsaw and a Milwaukee
drill and screwdriver set were taken from his garage between
10pm Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The two items worth
$1,200. A man next door said his garage was also entered
but nothing was taken.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


County lawmakers decided last night to appoint a
special commitee to study NYPA's plan to put
windmills two miles off the shore of Lake Ontario
and to decide whether they should take back their
previous support of the project. Legislatuure Vice
Chair Clyde Burmaster was one of three lakeshore
representatives who sponsored a resolution
opposing the idea. He said rather than have it
be voted down, it was decided to form ad hoc
committee to attempt to get answers to questions
about the number of jobs that would be created,
the environmental impact on fish, birds and wildlife,
and what would be the reduction in electricity costs
when all is said and done. Lawmakers got an earful
last night as a host of speakers from the Youngstown
area spoke out against it during the public comment
period. Burmaster says he's gotten a lot of calls and
only one was in favor. All of the other calls from
organizations and people has been negative. He said
they came from homeowners, businesses, yacht clubs
and Old Fort Niagara have been in opposition. The
stretch from Youngstown to Wilson has been identified
as an area where they would be placed. Five companies
submitted bids last month but the Power Authority
has refused to say which areas on Lakes Erie and Ontario
they are interested in. Burmaster said the windmills would
be 400 feet above the lake level and there could be as many
as 150. He says they will talk about the make-up of the
committee today. It will include Burmaster and co-sponsors
John Syracuse and Dave Godfrey and members from outside
the legilsature. He expected it would have seven to ten members.


The Legislature also passed a resolution calling on
the Power Authority to reserve any increase in
production at the Niagara Power Project for the
County's use. It was sponsored by Lewiston lawmaker
John Ceretto. He says the $460-million ten year
upgrade announced June 29 will have a negative
impact on the environment and he wants the
increase to be turned over to the county's Empower
Niagara program. A public hearing was set for
August 24 on a local law that would have the county
treasurer turn over all commissions for handling
estates without wills to the county. In return, the
treasurer would be paid an extra $25,000 a year for
estate work but it would not count toward his state
pension credit. Minority Leader Dennis Virtuoso also
called for an investigation into the plea deal granted to
the daughter of North Tonawanda councilwoman Nancy
Donavon after she was arrested for DWI. Virtuoso called
it a black eye on Niagara County.


Three men were hurt Tuesday in Wrights Corners
when the engine of a 16 foot boat they were working
on in a yard exploded. Eighteen year old Jonathon
Ludwig of Lockport is in fair condition at ECMC after
suffering second degree burns to his arms. Twenty-
three year old Adam Kumm of North Tonawanda is
also in fair condition at the same hospital He was
treated for second degree burns to his face and arms.
Twenty-seven year old Joseph Woodring..also from
NT...was treated for similiar burns to his arms and
was released last night. The accident happened just
after 4:30pm at 5659 Ridge Road. The Sheriff's
department said the three men were working on the
16 foot fiberglass boat on the front lawn when the
gasoline ignited and caused a fireball. The Wrights
Corners Fire Department said the boat was destroyed.
Most of the interior was charred and engine parts were
strewn on the lawn beside it's remains.


Open houses are one of the main attractions today as
Lockport Old Home Week continues. Chairman Jay
Krull says one of them will be at the Odd Fellow and
Rebeccah Health Care Facility from 11 till 3. They'll be
selling hot dogs and beverages for just a quarter. The
First Presybertian Church has a program for children
on Christmas In July from 1 till 3. The Lockport United
Church of Christ has tours, refreshments and kids games
from 1 till 4, and Grace Episcopal Church and the Arnold
House will be open from 1 till 4 as well. All Saints Parish,
the former St. Patricks, has tours from noon till 3. You
can take a look at the operations of WLVL as tours will be
offered from noon till 5. LCTV has an open house from
2 till 10pm and you can watch the taping of a show at 8pm.
Niagara Produce will have contests for kids from 3 till 5
and there'll be free hotdogs for youngsters from 5 till 7.
The Palace Theatre has tours from 5 till 9 and there'll be
a concert by The McClure Artist Guild at 7 at the Lockport
Library. The Town of Lockport says Matt James will play
cool music for kids at 8pm at Town Hall. It'll be followed
by the showing of the movie, Annie, outdoors at dusk.


The President of Niagara Active Hose accepted a
plea deal yesterday in Wheatfield Town Court in
connection with his June 6 DWI arrest. Thirty
year old Robert Jasper Jr plead guilty to a reduced
charge of driving while his ability was impaired. He
was fined $300 and his license was suspended for
90 days. Jasper was also ordered to attend a victim
impact panel and drinking and driving education
classes. He says he hopes to keep his post as
president. Jasper was removed from active duty as
a volunteer firefighter after the fire company SUV he
was operating struck a car driven by a North Tonawanda
woman at Sy Road and Niagara Falls Boulevard. Niagara
Active Hose attorney Damon DeCastro said the board
could meet next week to decide if Jasper will remain as


The State could get $500-million in federal education
aid in the second round of the Race To The Top program.
New York was one of 19 finalists announced yesterday.
In a statement, the governor commended the legislature
for approving his proposal to lift the cap on charter
schools, to link teacher evaluations to student performance,
and to provide resources to start a data system to track
individual student performance. Paterson said they were
all areas identified by the Education Department as
weaknesses in the state's first application.


Erie County attorney Kevin Gaughan wants to
downsize the State Legislature. He's started a
campaign to get a measure on the November
ballot that would reduce the number of seats in
the Senate from 62 to 50...and the Assembly
from 150 to 125 members. He says it would save
taxpayers $37-million a year. Gaughan has sent
questionaires to all potential candidates asking
them if they are for or against the idea. He says
he will post their responses on his website,
"Let The People Decide . org."


Frank Parloto Jr is no longer one of the owners of
the former Occidental Chemical office building in
the Falls. One Niagara, as it's now called, is now
owned by a group of local investors. The sale price
was not disclosed. Paul Grenga, who represented
Parloto and his Whitestar Development Corp, is
now the leader of the new investment group. Tony
Farina is still the President. Another member of the
team is former Lewiston mayor Richard Soluri.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A 34 year old Lockport police officer is on paid
administrative leave after he was charged last Thursday
with DWI following a minor crash. Toby Trowbridge
plead not guilty in city court Monday and surrendered
his drivers license for six months as a result of his
refusal to submit to a breath test. He was also charged
with tailgating. Trowbridge was pulled over at about
10pm last Thursday by Lt. Steve Abbot after his 2009
Chevy truck allegedly rear ended a '97 Ford Mustang
at South Transit and Gaffney Road. The car was operated
by 19 year old Victor Golanka of Washington Street. Both
he and Trowbridge were treated at ENH-Lockport for
minor injuries. Police Chief Larry Eggert called it a
disappointment, that they train their people to be
upstanding citizens and obviously, in this case, a major
mistake was made and it's upsetting to him and whole
department. He said the decision to place Trowbridge
on paid leave will probably be re-evaluated at the next meeting
of the Police Board He said they had to be put Trowbridge
on paid leave because it's just an accusation at this point
and he hasn't been found guilty of anything. He said they
would wait till a legal determination is made on guilt or
innocence. Mayor Mike Tucker said they were not going to
treat this any differently than any other case.


About 200 people were at the Wheatfield Community
Center last night as Carl Paladino spoke at a meeting
of the Niagara County Patriots. Paladino told the
crowd he's seen similiar looks on the faces of hard
working taxpayers around the State who no longer
know where to turn for answers to their concerns
about the state of their state and federal governments.
He talked about the exodus from Western New York
because of the lack of jobs and the effect it has on
families. Paladino said a vote for his is a vote for an
open government of the people and against tax and spend
politics as usual.


The Niagara Falls City Council o-k'd a package of
resolutions Monday involving the long awaited
conversion of the Whirlpool Street Customs House
into a modern train station. Resetarits Construction
of Buffalo was named the General Contractor at a bid
of $1.8-million. The JR Swanson Company of the
Falls won the competition to be both the plumbing
and mehanical contractor...and Industrial Power and
Lighting of Buffalo was named the electrical
contractor. City Planner Tom DeSantis presented the
council with an update and said if the funding requests
are all approved the station should be up and running
by 2013. The Council o-k'd a resolution permitting the
rates to vary between $5 & $10 a day at city owned parking
lots and ramps to better respond to the competition of
private operators. They approved a resolution for roof
replacement at the Royal Avenue Fire Hall, the 10th Street
Firehall and the John Duke Senior Center. It went to
Joseph Sanders and Sons of Buffalo for a low bid of
$292,000. They also approved a plan to spend more than
$40,000 of stimulus money on trees. Grant writer Sherry
Shepard-Corulli said it was part of $150,000 they got
from the Energy Department and the trees must be
planted in front of a building so they will provide shade
when they mature.


Lockport's Old Home Week celebrations continues
today with a focus on Lowertown. Chairman Jay
Krull says author Cynthia Storrs Cotten will have
a question and answer session and book-signing at
2pm at the Market Street Art Center. Juggler and
comedian Nels Ross Cremean will perform at
Widewaters at 4pm...and he'll be joined by a collection
of buskers...magicians, singers, and others all
along the canal till 7. A concert with Dave Stockton and
Pocket Change starts at 7 in the City Hall Parking Lot
and the winners of a beard growing contest will be
chosen during the show. There'll be prizes for the
longest moustache, bushiest beard, and best of show.
The winners will be chosen by audience applause.
Entries will be taken right up to the competiiton. The
Lockport Presbyterian Home has an open house and
ice cream social from 2 till 5 at 305 High Street. Lockport
Locks and Erie Canal Cruises will be offering a discount
cruise at 7pm at 210 Market. The carnival also continues
in the lot behind City Hall from noon till 9 pm.


Lockport police Monday arrested the owner of DeFlippo's
during an investigation into the recent theft of money from
his home. Forty-one year old Dominick DeFlippo was
charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and
obstructing governmental administration. The report said
he was arrested as he became belligerent and began yelling


The Sheriff's department is investigating the theft of
a $1,400 Evinrude boat motor from an unlocked barn
on Lincoln Avenue in the Town of Lockport. The
victim said a church picnic was held Sunday in the lot
near his home and the people using a dfriveway would
have been able to see the itmes in his barn. Elsewhere,
a 1990 jet ski that was for sale on the front lawn of a
home on Lockport Road was stolen between 2:30 and
4am Monday. A Newfane woman reported someone
had used her identity to buy over $567 worth of
merchandise from an Office Max store in Illinois. Her
bank said they would cancel the charge after receiving
a copy of the police report.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Former astronaut Bill Gregory was the main attraction
at two events Sunday celebrating Old Home Week in the
City and Town of Lockport. He spoke at a Welcome
Home breakfast at the Holiday Inn where he said, unlike
a supermodel whose known to be from Lockport, he
doesn't list Buffalo as his hometown, he's proud to be
from Lockport. He shared details about space flight
as he showed a video. The American Legion Band played
in the afternoon as he appeared at the Old Home Week
community picnic at Town of Lockport Hall. Supervisor
Marc Smith calling it "an awesome day." He said it's
an opportunity for all of us to see each other more than a
couple of times a year and to talk to our neighbors for more
than 30 seconds. Old Home Week Chair Jay Krull says
several open houses are on the schedule for today. There'll
be one at Niagara Landing at 4434 VanDusen Road from
noon-6pm. The Town of Lockport Historical Society has
another during those same hours at the schoolhouse on
Lower Mountain and Leete Roads. Dave Stockton will
provide live music at the Niagara Landing event and it's
hoped planes from the Smith Airfield will be there as well.
The Dale Association has an open hour, dinner and Wii
tournament from 4 till 7 at 9 Ontario Street. The meal includes
hot dogs, lemonade, and strawberry shortcake. The Wii
tournamet starts at 5 with registration at 4. The doors to the
Masonic Temple will be open from 4-8pm and the Lockport
Cruise will also celebrate the Old Home Week at Ida Fritz
Park. The movie "Casablanca" will be shown at 7:30 tonight
at the Palace, admission is $5. A childrens carnival also
opens at noon today on the lot behind City Hall. It'll
run through Thursday from noon till 9 each day. About
9 rides are there primarily aimed at children.


Three tornadoes hit the Southern Tier Saturday
afternoon. The National Weather Service says
survey teams were sent to the region Saturday and
Sunday and they determined one touched down
in Chauatuqua County and two in Cattaraugus
County. Winds were clocked at 125 miles an hour
as the first twister went through the community of
Mayville just before 5pm. The weather service says
the first tornadic siganture showed up on radar
over Lake Erie and residents were given 30 to 40
minutes warning. Two others struck in Cattaragus
County between 5 & 6pm. A twister that was said to
be seven miles long and a half mile wide lasted for
about ten minutes at speeds of between 100 and 125
miles an hour. It struck the Town of Randolph and
uprooted about 250 trees. Roofs were torn from
multiple homes and businesses. A third tornado
travelling at speeds of 90 to 95 miles an hour struck
the Towns of Carrollton and Alleghany beginning at
5:49pm. Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards
said 20 homes in the County received anywhere from
moderate to significant damage.


Republican gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino
will be at tonight's meeting of the Niagara County
Patriots. His campaign calls it a "meet and greet"
but Patriots co-founder LouAnn Gosch says it's
usually pretty difficult to keep him from speaking.
The meeting runs from 7-9pm at the Wheatfield
Community Center.


Former County Republican Chairman Henry Wojtaszek
is in the news again. He's the attorney for the daughter of
North Tonawanda councilmember Nancy Donavon and he
convinced County D-A Michael Violante to reduce DWI
charges against her last week. Twenty-three year old Sara
Donavon was arrested on Sunday, July 11 after she struck
two parked cars on Payne Avenue as she was on the way home
from a Webster Street bar. Her blood alcohol content was
.13 per cent but she was permitted to take a plea deal last
Thursday. She was given a speeding ticket for going 44
in a 30 mph zone and a parking ticket. She paid $280 in
fines and was ordered to attend a DWI victim impact panel.
Wojtaszek told the Gazette he did not believe his past political
connections played a role in his ability to successfully negotiate
a deal. He said Sara Donavon called him, not her mother. He
said he asked for the reduction based on circumstances in the


Lockport developer David Ulrich may take the city
to court over the assessments on several of his
commercial properties. His attempt to have them
lowered for the City Centre were rejected by the
Board of Assessment Review on Grievance Day. The
deadline to file assessment lawsuits is Friday. The
City Centre is covered by a payment in lieu of taxes
deal granted by the County IDA, but the amount
Ulrich pays is pegged to a percentage of the assessed
value. The payments he makes are slated to double
starting with the 2011-2012 school tax. He pays
15 per cent now. Ulrich also filed unsuccessful
grievances in May over assessments for other properties
he owns.


A 43 year old Lewiston man had over $1,600 worth
of electronics stolen from his car around 1pm Saturday
as he was jogging on the NCCC campus. The victim said
he saw another man nearby as he started his run around
the main building. A $900 Dell laptop, a $350 pair of
BOSE headphones, and an $80 digital recorder were
among the items taken.


A would be thief apparently gave up around 2:30
Sunday morning after cutting the electrical lines
at Reeds Jewelers on Military Road in the Town of
Niagara. A patrolling sheriff's deputy heard alarms
going off and noticed the power to the building was
off. He found the electric meter box on an exterior
wall had been tampered with. The meter had been
partially pulled out creating a power disconnect. The
alarm was running on a battery. The building was
not entered and nothing was taken.


NYSEG will be inspecting their high voltage lines
with low flying helicopters this week in the Lockport
area. A spokesman says they are the backbone of the
system and their goal is to spot potential problems and
correct them before they inconvience their customers.
The company is also conducting similiar inspections
in Lancaster.

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